Theft and Burglary

Have you been charged with employee theft? You may face an uphill legal battle. Judges tend to take employee theft charges more seriously than shoplifting charges that involve the same amount of allegedly stolen goods. Why, because employees are trusted members of the business. When employee theft occurs, many judges believe that trust was violated.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor, Attorney Leonard R. Morgan is skilled both at investigating employee theft claims and at protecting clients' rights.

Depending on the amount stolen in an employee theft, misdemeanor petty theft charges or felony grand theft charges can be filed. If convicted, you can be subject to not only grievous punishments but also to a lifetime of scrutiny and rejection by future employers for your involvement in a crime of moral turpitude.

If you have been accused of employee theft, Criminal Defense Attorney Leonard R. Morgan can defend you.


Charged With Shoplifting?

I will thoroughly investigate your case to build a solid defense, interview police, and witnesses, provide emotional support to your loved ones, negotiate with prosecutors to minimize or dismiss charges or help get your penalties reduced.

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