Perjury is the act of making false statements while under oath. A defendant can be found guilty of perjury if a jury could find beyond reasonable doubt from evidence presented that they knew what the question meant and gave knowingly untruthful and materially misleading answers in response.

Since the crime of perjury depends not only upon clarity of questioning itself but also upon knowledge and reasonable understanding of testified as to what is meant by questioning.

Some examples of perjury include:
• To lie while answering a question when testifying as a witness during a trial
• To claim to make less money per year than you make while completing an affidavit during divorce proceedings in court.
• To make two statements that contradict each other during a court proceeding, but not admit that one of the statements is false
• To lie on a driver's license application
• To make a false declaration on a loan application signed under penalty of perjury.

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