Mental Health Crime

Psychological, psychiatric, or mental health disorders often cause or contribute to criminal behavior. Unless defendants with such issues receive appropriate specialized attention, they have insufficient options in a system run by police officers, prosecutors, and judges who are not trained to recognize or address their individual needs. It is important that you seek the legal representation from an experienced criminal and mental health defense attorney.

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the relationship between mental illness and criminal behavior. However, the criminal justice system can be intimidating for a defendant who has disabilities or mental issues. A criminal defendant with a mental health problem can find the system almost impossible to navigate unless they have experienced legal counsel who understands their unique situation.

At the Georgetown, Texas criminal defense Law Office of Leonard R. Morgan, I have been practicing since 1999 with experience providing vigorous representation for people with mental illness who have been charged with a crime.

Mental Health Crimes

Mental Health Issues Attorney

I know that mental illness often leads to behavior that is out of sync with a person's normal life patterns.

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