Juvenile Crimes

If you are a minor or the parent of a juvenile who has been arrested and charged with a crime, you should seek professional legal help as soon as possible. Being involved with the criminal justice system at such a young age can be a frightening experience. Having the competent assistance of an attorney who understands the juvenile justice system can go long ways in reducing your stress and ensuring that you obtain the most favorable results.

Although many different scenarios could result in your loved one being charged with a crime, the following types of crimes are the ones most frequently committed by minors:

• Underage drinking
• Drugs use or distribution
• Truancy
• Disorderly conduct
• Theft, including shoplifting
• Vandalism
• Criminal trespass
• Gang-related activities
• Violent crimes

If your child is facing criminal charges, it is essential to hire an attorney who can protect your child's rights and navigate him or her through the juvenile system. There are many consequences to being found delinquent in Juvenile Court, and some results can come back to haunt the child well into his or her adult life, making it difficult to go to college, find a job, and take advantage of other opportunities.

Attorney Leonard R. Morgan will sit down with both you and your child to review the case, discuss your child's best options, and address your specific questions and concerns. In the courtroom, he will argue aggressively in her son's defense and request an alternative sentence from the judge, such as counseling, rehabilitation, or community service.

Juvenille Crime

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Do not let your child go to court unprotected. Let the experienced juvenile defense lawyer Leonard R. Morgan protect your child's best interest and help him or her through this difficult time.

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