Credit Card Fraud

If you've been accused of credit card fraud, you're likely anxious about your future. Being convicted of credit card fraud in Texas can have a devastating effect on your future. It can land you in jail for up to two years and force you to pay thousands of dollars in fines. A criminal conviction can also negatively affect your credit, access to loans, ability to purchase a house, and other necessary life activities.

As our world continues to develop electronically, the number of crimes involving credit cards has been prosecuted more aggressively. Whether it's a stolen credit card being used without the cardholder's permission or someone illegally obtaining the pertinent information on a card and fraudulently making purchases with it, credit card fraud annually costs companies and individuals billions of dollars.

The Law Office of Leonard R. Morgan handles credit card fraud charges including:

• Credit card application fraud
• Stolen credit cards
• Misappropriation
• Manufacturing credit cards
• Using lost credit cards
• Transnational credit card fraud
• Skimming
• Online credit card fraud
• False merchant Web sites

Credit Card Fraud

Crimes Involving Credit Cards

If you are facing credit card fraud charges it is important you retain an experienced and aggressive defense attorney, who will fight to protect your rights.

If you have been accused or investigated for committing credit card fraud, then please contact experienced credit card fraud defense attorney, Leonard R. Morgan at (512) 686-6562.