Internet Sex Crime

The Internet has provided a new opportunity for state and federal governments to prosecute sex crimes. Law enforcement has stepped up its efforts to catch people who are engaged in illegal activity online.

Even if you accidentally visit a child pornography site on the Internet or unintentionally viewed an improper image on your computer screen, you could be charged with possession of child pornography.

If you arrange to meet someone who represents him or herself as a minor in a chat room, instant-message conversation, or social media outlet you could be charged with solicitation of a juvenile.

I work vigorously to protect the rights of the accused of Internet sex crimes charges, such as:

• Possession of Child Pornography
• Distribution of Child Pornography
• Solicitation of a Minor
• Luring a Minor
• Endangering the Welfare of a Minor
• Child Molestation
• Attempted Sexual Contact
• Attempted Sexual Assault
• Kidnapping

If you are convicted of an Internet sex crime, the state will add your name to the sex offender registry, which may have severe consequences in your personal and professional life. You will also be faced with possible jail time as well as hefty fines for your crime.

I offer strategic, nonjudgmental representation. If I accept your case, my only goal will be to minimize or dismiss the potential charges that you face. The first step I will take is to carefully examine your case and the evidence against you to determine if the evidence was properly acquired, whether or not the witnesses or victim’s statements are credible, and how your arrest was handled.

Internet Sex Crimes

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