Domestic Violence

Accusations of domestic violence, like domestic battery, justifiable or not, can tear apart an already tense family situation. If you are at the center of these allegations, an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer can make matters right.

If you are arrested for conduct or an incident involving domestic violence, you may be charged with a Class A Misdemeanor or even a Class 4 Felony if you have a criminal history that includes prior convictions for domestic violence. The sentence associated with a conviction of misdemeanor domestic violence involves serious penalties that include up to 1-year incarceration in county jail and a maximum fine of up to $2,500. If you have prior convictions resulting in a Class 4 Felony charge you may be sentenced from one to three years in state prison and a maximum penalty as high as $25,000. Other penalties may include mandatory counseling, anger management classes, and probation.

While domestic violence is a serious issue, the broad scope of the statute places an enormous amount of discretion with the prosecutor, so it is imperative to retain an experienced Georgetown, Texas domestic assault defense attorney.

Attorney Leonard R. Morgan has handled many domestic violence cases; he recognizes the value of early intervention which may prevent formal charges from being filed.

A variety of offenses may fall under the general category of domestic violence, including assault, battery, kidnapping, sexual assault, and false imprisonment.

Domestic Violence

Family Violence Defense Attorney

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