Family Violence


Family Violence Defense Attorney

The charge of Family violence can encompass many different acts. Generally, a charge of domestic violence involves the act of unlawfully and knowingly touching or injuring a spouse, significant other or another family member. This charge can include physical or emotional abuse, threats, harassment, economic deprivation, and stalking or unlawful restraint.

Accusations of domestic violence, like domestic battery, well-founded or not, can tear apart an already tense family situation. If you are at the center of these allegations, a quality criminal defense representation can make matters right. This why your lawyer should be experienced, aggressive and accessible to your every legal need. Attorney Leonard R. Morgan has helped his clients protect their rights since 1999.

Attorney Leonard R. Morgan brings a wealth of experience in dealing with serious domestic violence situations such as:

Assault & Battery
Domestic Violence
• Spousal abuse/domestic battery
• Child abuse/aggravated battery to a child
• Stalking
• Harassment/telephone harassment
• Orders of protection/restraining orders

If you have been charged with domestic violence I will hear your case and guide you through the legal process and advise you of your options.

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