Paternity Claims and Disputes


Georgetown, TX Paternity Claims and Disputes Attorney

Raising a child creates a special bond which is not defined in legal terms. Yet, the law determines your rights with regard to your child and shapes the extent of your custody. If you are not the biological father of your child, or your child was born out of wedlock, you may need to establish legitimation.

Without establishing legitimation, you could be restricted from visiting, or playing a major role in, your child’s life. The process of legitimation allows fathers to legally exercise their custody and visitation rights, even if they are not biologically related to their child. It also lets fathers pass along benefits more easily.

In some situations, however, a father may be uncertain of his paternity or deny it altogether. In that case, establishing paternity will allow all parties to be clear on the father’s status and legal responsibility. Establishing paternity essentially proves whether someone is the biological father of a child. This has huge consequences on the father’s legal responsibility for the child, and may enable mothers or other caretakers to seek child support.

Our family attorneys are experienced with legitimation and paternity suits, and we will support you at every step of your case. Our legal team understands the toll that divorce can take on the entire family. We also know that establishing legitimation and paternity quickly is important for ensuring your child is properly cared for.

Divorce and Child Support
The divorce process can be a long, arduous, and often a very painful experience for everyone involved. This is especially true when the parties have a minor child or children. While no divorce is the same, if there is a child involved they all have one common thread—the child is usually the innocent party and should have the right to maintain as normal of a life after the separation of his or her parents as possible. To attain this goal, every state requires parents to support their children with both monetary and physical care. Traditionally, the duty of monetary support rested primarily on the father, while the duty of care was placed on the mother. Today, however, the duties of support and care rest on both parents.

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