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Children are human beings and it is the responsibility of both parents to raise them with love and to care for their emotional, physical, and educational needs, and to make decisions about their future. If a divorce involves no children, it should be a lot easier to come to a settlement. Of course, this is because children are the only treasures you share with your spouse that cannot be given a monetary value or split in two. Most judges will tell you that they dread custody cases. They do not like to play God, and in many divorce custody cases, that is what they are asked to do. It is heartbreaking to see two parents fight about who will have control over their children’s lives. Judges must draw from their knowledge, past experience, the presentations of the parents and their lawyers, as well as from neutral experts, to make these all-important decisions about the children’s futures.

We will help you prepare for what may be the most important business and personal transaction of the rest of your life. Although the team is comprised of all-star Austin child custody and visitation attorneys, they work with the everyday individual in mind, someone just like you—not someone with a law degree. Almost every day they see clients in their office who have many of the same concerns, misconceptions, and questions about the often confusing and complicated divorce process that you may be experiencing. In the coming weeks, months, or even years, our attorneys can show you, step-by-step, how to ask the right questions to help get the crucial answers you need, how to prepare for trial, and much more. Contact us to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss with you such important issues.

Why Should I Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?
Whether it is joint legal custody, sole legal custody, or primary legal custody, a good divorce lawyer will make sure there is a provision that both parents make every effort to agree on these important issues. However, it is important for one parent to have “primary legal custody” or “final decision making authority” for times when both parents cannot agree on certain issues. Since parents cannot always agree on everything, the custody agreement is likely to name one parent as the default, the person to make the decision in the event of a disagreement between the parents.

Even if you can only agree on certain aspects of custody, you should make sure that they are in writing and will be binding on your spouse should they renege later. You and your lawyer will draw up a proposal to present to the judge, outlining why your plan for the children’s upbringing is the right one. Your spouse will likely do the same, so be prepared to stay calm, and let your lawyer present your case well. No one can “win it all” in custody cases. The best thing you may hope for is that the children survive this difficult time and get back to leading happy, productive lives in a less-than-ideal situation.

The lawyer’s role in a custody case is to present a complete picture to the judge of what it would be like if the judge granted custody to his client. This does not necessarily mean that the attorney’s client is a superior parent. Instead, the lawyer will stress that their client can provide the child a warm, safe, loving, and healthy environment in which the child can prosper. Perhaps the best indicator of this is the client’s past history of taking good care of the child. In some circumstances, the lawyer may need to impeach the other parent’s character to prove his client is better suited to have custody of the children.

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