Drug Trafficking

The punishment of a drug trafficking offense can result in severe penalties. The penalties vary with the type and classification of the drug being transported, the geographic location and the amount being carried. Any illegal drugs brought into Texas from another country face the most severe penalties and punishment. You need an experienced drug trafficking defense lawyer to protect your rights. Experienced Attorney Leonard R. Morgan has been practicing and defending his clients since 1999.

The transport, import, transfer, or sale of controlled substances may result in felony sentencing of countless years in prison. Texas law also criminalizes the transport, import, transfer, or sale of chemicals used as ingredients for the manufacture of phencyclidine (PCP) and methamphetamine or the transport, import, transfer, or sale of the drugs themselves. Conviction may result in sentences of imprisonment lasting sixteen months to six years.

Because of the federal and state implications involved in drug trafficking cases, it is imperative that proper and expert legal representation be engaged when facing these charges.

If you are accused of drug trafficking you could face the following:

• Prison- Drug trafficking convictions, even for first-time offenders, typically result in jail sentences that last over a year. A conviction for trafficking can easily lead to a prison sentence of 10 years or more.
• Fines- State traffic convictions can commonly come with fines of $25,000 to $100,000 or more. Federal drug trafficking convictions can exceed $10 million.
• Probation- Probation sentences usually last at least 12 months, and sentences of three years or more are possible.
• Mandatory minimum sentences- Drug trafficking laws often impose mandatory minimum sentences.

Whether you have been accused of distributing cocaine or smuggling heroin, I can efficiently handle your criminal defense.

Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking Offense

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