Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets are some of the most commonly issued citations throughout the state of Texas. While many speeding violations do not cause serious injury or contribute to challenges for other drivers on the road, the fines imposed on alleged violators make up a significant portion of state funds.

Many drivers who are issued speeding tickets do not realize the extent of their options about attending traffic school or enlisting the support of an experienced Texas traffic ticket attorney who can aggressively defend your best interests in traffic court.

Aside from the many drivers who simply pay a full fine listed on a speeding citation, get points on their drivers' license and suffer the potential consequences, there are other ways to approach your case. Traffic school is one such way, but this is quite costly.

You must pay the ticket in full up front, along with affidavit fees, and the cost of the traffic school itself. Also, it can be time-consuming, and certain restrictions apply, and of course, the higher the speed, the higher the fine.

Speeding Tickets

Street Racing Defense Attorney

If a law enforcement officer issues a citation for exceeding speeds less than 15 MPH over the posted speed, a 3-point addition to your license will occur. Those drivers who exceed 15 MPH over the posted speed can receive a 4-point addition. If you are unsure how to take care of your speeding ticket, I can discuss your options.

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