Failure To Yield

Although a law enforcement officer may issue a ticket for failure to yield right of way, this does not mean the officer is always correct. Determining whether a driver failed to produce in the right circumstances can seem to be a matter of opinion when the law appears vague at best.

While a failure to yield the right of way infraction may not be severe, the costs associated with penalty fines and fees can grow to be rather significant. Every driver has the right to contest this type of citation.

Attorney Leonard R. Morgan can assist you in protecting your rights. My firm has helped clients who have received citations and tickets for traffic violations such as failure to yield, speeding, traffic light violations commercial driver’s license tickets, driving while licenses suspended, driving with no insurance, and expired registration ticket.

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Failure to Yield

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Contesting wrong or unfounded charges is an important aspect of the legal process, and Attorney Leonard R. Morgan will do everything possible to pursue a favorable conclusion.

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