Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

The penalties for DWI (driving while intoxicated) offenses can be severe. If you've been arrested for DUI or DWI and want to fight the charge, you should understand all of the defenses that may be available to you. You might help persuade the prosecution to drop or reduce the charges, prevent the suspension of your driver's license, or even get an acquittal after a trial but only if you have an experienced attorney on your side.

Texas leads the nation in cracking down on drunk drivers. A DWI conviction will automatically cause your driver’s license to be revoked, and depending on your criminal and driving history, you could be faced with jail time. A DUI/DWI charge is serious and complex. Each case is different, and that is why it is crucial to get the best defense attorney on your side as soon as possible.

You can be confident that Attorney Leonard R. Morgan will provide you with the best defense. I ensure that our clients understand the charge they are facing and then work diligently to move you past this difficult situation.

At the Criminal Law Office of Leonard R. Morgan, I am dedicated to protecting your rights and preserving your driver’s license and ensuring that you’re driving privileges to remain intact.

Hiring the right attorney is the most important decision a client can make when attempting to solve a legal problem. Your choice of attorney can be a life altering decision. No matter what type of criminal charge you are facing, hiring a top-quality, aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will fight for your rights is the right choice. Give me the opportunity to represent you and help solve your legal problem.


Driving While Intoxicated Defense

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I will provide you with all the information you need about your DUI/DWI charge. I will either fight the charges at trial if necessary, or obtain the best possible resolution of the case with the least possible impact on your driving privileges, job, family, finances, and insurance premiums.