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Truck drivers, who receive traffic tickets, including a speeding ticket, are no longer eligible to take traffic school. A point violation for a regular driver counts as a 1.5-point violation for a CDL holder. Plus the conviction stays on your record for three years.

Your CDL can be suspended if you receive two traffic ticket violations within a 3-year time frame. Some of the most common offenses include driving 15 mph over the speed limit, improper lane change, and following too closely. CDL drivers should also note that they are subject to a higher penalty for traffic violations. They carry 1.5 times the average point count, which means that if you get what is usually a 2 point traffic ticket, as a CDL driver, you will receive a 3 point ticket.

Before that happens, I advise you to contact my firm to set up a free initial consultation with Attorney Leonard R. Morgan to discuss the matter of your traffic offense and how it will affect your commercial driver’s license. After a review of your situation, he can advise you on what to expect and how he can help.

Because your license is your livelihood, it is important that you do not accumulate too many points on your record for traffic violations. In any traffic offense, you are cited for; you have the legal right to appear in court and defend yourself.

With the skilled and experienced assistance of traffic ticket defense lawyer Leonard R. Morgan, you stand a much better chance of avoiding an automatic conviction, which can result in fines or points that could endanger your license and your ability to drive.

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